Off we go!

The new year is already off to a great and busy start! We spent a weekend in VT, the boys and I are back into the swing of school again as well as weekly snowboarding with their homeschool group. Even the chickens have been busy laying away! lol

I am really excited and optimistic about this year, we have a lot to look forward to and many plans for some great new changes in our life and home! I begin grad school this coming week and I’m really looking to kick off this blog a little better so if you’d like to link up or guest post please get a hold of me via email or social media!

I am going to keep this one short, I just wanted to connect with you and reach out for anyone who would like to network. Writing has always been a passion of mine and it is time I do more with it again!

Have a blessed week!


Happy New Year!

I trust everyone had a good Christmas? We certainly did! My last post was called seasons and we certainly went thru another rough season of life again in December. Nothing I want to make public, but I will just ask that you join me in praying for our teen while he tries to figure out this thing called life! 

So after all that we went thru in December, Christmas week itself was amazing! We had our usual quiet Christmas at home with the boys and then spent a few days with my family in Canada, it was so nice! We rang in the new year at home with our boys and God has already begun blessing us in the new year as we have welcomed home our first of two dogs! Her name is Rosie and she’s great! 

2016 was a bad year for a lot of people and a lot of reasons and I am happy and relieved to say we are already looking forward to several blessings in this brand new year! Promotion, grad school, dogs, more chickens, worship in the adirondacks… are just a few things  that have me excited! I look forward to seeing our list of blessings grow and I pray that you are blessed this year too! 

God recently showed us what trusting Him looks like as well as what our faithfulness leads to! I hope that you never forget who created you and who is in charge, sometimes it is easy to forget that we don’t always get what we want when we want but that God is in charge of what comes in and out of our lives. It is also easy to sometimes forget to lean on Him in times of trouble but He stuck thru our recent storms with us and I will always praise Him for that and the ways He blesses and strengthens us!

Some of the biggest things I have learned in 2016 are that if you can bless others in any way, do it and go big if you can! The feeling of knowing you made a difference in someone’s life is pure joy! I’ve also learned a little more about leaning on God. Nothing is ever too big for Himand worrying solves none of it. 

The boys and I are easing back into school and lessons, and I have been having fun rearranging our house. Here is to a blessed and fruitful year for all of us!



We go thru many seasons in life, the natural seasons of our world as well as our own personal seasons. The last two earthly seasons have been a long seasons of turmoil for me. I have been going through a lot and not been in the mood to be a cheerful or committed blogger like I would enjoy. The election season certainly took a toll on me and I am not even going to get into all of that. But here I am trying to pick up all my pieces and get back to things that bring me joy.

Our chickens are doing well, we have laying Easter eggers now! We, as a family are in the process of learning to use bows to hunt in the spring! We are super excited about that! The boys are thriving with their school work, extra curricular activities, and social commitments. We are super excited that Christmas season is upon us because it brings the boys and I immense joy! We are continuing our fun traditions and adding some new ones, I will share along with you throughout the month!

I don’t have much to say right now because my heart is still mending, I am slowly getting back into all of my hobbies and goals. I am also going back to school in January, grad school! I am super excited about that, and I have taken up writing again and am working on a novel.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving week everyone, be safe and enjoy! ❤


Busy Bees!

Well, my husband is all recovered as well as myself. Our oldest is off at college doing his own thing, and the boys and I have begun a great new school year. We’ve also had a pretty busy month with other things; we went camping again at the end of August, and the boys and I just completed the walk to ENDALZ in memory of my dad. Our friend who adopted Esme from us joined us along with Esme so that made the 3 mile trek more pleasant for the boys (okay, and myself.)

Then, this past weekend we attended Worship in the Adirondacks which was the most amazing weekend we have had in a long time. We got a campsite at the loveliest campground we have ever been to, and there were great vendors selling Christ centered merchandise as well as supporting great causes. The music was phenomenal, there were dozens of bands but Jeremy Camp was the main headliner of the weekend and his show was amazing! We had perfect weather the entire weekend too, such a blessing to worship our Lord with so many other Christians in the beautiful Adirondacks.

In other news, our chickens are certainly earning their keep! We have SO many eggs and that is only with three laying so far! I’d say our first year keeping chickens has been pretty successful so far and we look forward to adding to our flock as well as acquiring more meat hens in the spring. It’s true that you do not raise chickens to save money but it’s SO worth it between the fresh eggs, the entertainment and the education it provides for our boys.

Aside from that, this weekend marks a year since my father passed. It’s going to be hard but I’ll be spending the weekend with family as we head out there to visit his grave and place a special token on it, attend a memorial service and then enjoy a meal reminiscing about him. The worship weekend certainly had me in tears several times, and quite a few of those were over my dad. I miss him so much! But, I know that if I remain faithful that I will be with him again someday when I get to embrace both him and my heavenly father.

I don’t have much else to share right now but I will be posting about some science experiments and spirit week in the weeks to come. The boys’ schedules are picking back up too, both ended up deciding against football this year but karate and music lessons will fill our days.

Have a blessed week!



Life is full of curves, and hills and bumps. We have so many sunny days and rainbows but we often go thru storms. A broken hand, losing a family pet… those are a couple. But when someone you love & cherish is sick, that is tough. It can be scary! I am sitting here up later than I usually am because my heart is alert, worried, and lonely.  My best friend is in the hospital tonight, we won’t have any answers til morning. We know it’s his gallbladder, and that he may or may not have an infection and may or may not be having surgery performed. But even when you know it isn’t the worse case scenario, it can still be pretty scary. For me, losing weight is important (though very difficult) because my family history holds heart disease, and obesity. For my husband, this is scary to me because of everything that is so close in that cluster of the human body. You see, his  mother died from pancreatic cancer several years ago. So, my husband having stomach related issues is definitely worrisome  to me. I’ve been praying, and trying to keep my mind busy with school planning and mindless tasks. Acting strong, especially for the sake of my boys. But I am not going to lie, I am scared. I even asked God to not let me lose him anytime soon, I know that the complications  from this are rare but I am a natural born worrier (take after my late father) so I have to remind myself that God has GOT this, and everything else in our lives! My husband had other concerns related to recovery, and I told him it is what it is and God will handle it. So why is it so hard to remember that for myself? Am I struggling more right now because I have  had such a rough year? Perhaps. I have suffered a lot of loss and heartbreak this year and it has really changed me as a person, my husband and I have also grown even closer together and even renewed our vows. So I think I continue cherishing him more and more as time goes on. I mean who wouldn’t, he is a hardworking and respectable man who takes good care of our family and is gentle and loving. Only Christ is perfect, but my husband is perfect for me! I will keep you posted, and will keep praying because I know my Father has everything under control. Thanks for reading my late night ramblings and I think I have just discovered how I blog best. Late at night, while it is quiet and I relax with a nice glass of red wine. hmm.

Have a blessed weekend dear readers.



Happy Campers

If you have been following my blog for a while you will recall that we invested in our family by purchasing a camper this year, we have gone twice already and are going again twice in the next month and a half. We highly recommend this type of investment to all families, it takes away the hassle of setting up and the physical aches of sleeping on the ground and makes for some great, quality family time! We have camped once in NY and once in VT so far this summer and both trips were amazing! God is a creative creator and it is so nice to be out in the midst of His bounty, enjoying quiet time together. Whenever we head out for a camping trip the electronics stay home, save for our phones to take some photos. But we don’t have a TV on board and never will, we do not sit and play games on our phones or tablets either. We play board games, outdoor games, go swimming  and enjoy each other’s company over some yummy food. If you have never taken your children camping, I urge you to. In this high wired world we live in I think it is truly important to take time out to appreciate what is important. God bless you and enjoy your weekend, perhaps outdoors!