They’re so fluffy!

We knew we were going to build a chicken coop eventually, and we had planned to focus on our garden this year and perhaps add the chicks next year. As usual though, I have been eager about this adventure and going back and forth with the idea of starting this sooner than later. After talking with a friend who just recently began the poultry game, I decided to go for it. We are starting out very basic, we got 3 cornish rocks and 3 bantams. Their names are Boo, Blue, and Bella for the bantams, and we are not formally naming the other three since we are raising them for meat. 

I am really looking forward to all the fresh eggs as well as growing our coop with various breeds. The boys are super excited also and really enjoy cuddling with them. 

Here are their first photos, keep checking  back because the next time you visit, they may be a lot bigger! 



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