Blog Prompt: Travel Tuesday

What are the top 5 places you would like to travel?

If time, money, and restrictions were not an issue; the places I would most like to visit in order are as follows: 

Israel: Because I think nothing would be more memorable or inspiring as walking on the same ground that Jesus Christ once roamed. Sadly, in our time it is not such a nice place to visit. I will just have to wait to be united with him someday! 

Ireland: While I do not have a deep Irish heritage, I do have one and I am proud of it. I would love to tour Ireland simply because it is beautiful, however! Lush green landscapes and beautiful architecture. It makes my soul sing!

Italy: This has always been a dream of mine because of two things: art and architecture! I have always longed to walk the streets of Venice and Rome, and visiting the Vatican would be the cherry on top. 

Japan: I find Japanese culture and landscape simply beautiful and would love to see it all up close, I guess the language barrier would be the biggest issue with this one but it would be worth it!

Hawaii: While we have been blessed enough to live in Hawaii for two years, I would love so much to return so my youngest two son’s could experience it. I would also like to visit the other islands as we had never left the island of Oahu.

That’s my list, what is on yours? If you have traveled to any of my picks I would love to hear about it! 

Thank you, Lord for creating such a beautiful planet.


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