My Red Door

A red door is inviting, it says “welcome!” In Ireland a red door is said to ward off evil, and do you remember what the Hebrew slaves were instructed to do? Smear lamb’s blood on their front door to protect their first-born from the angel of death. And probably one of my favorite traditions involving red doors is that of the Catholic churches painting their doors red to represent the blood of Christ. 

I have wanted a red door on my home for as long as I can remember, and when I was looking at information and images before we got our door and chose our paint I found all of these wonderful “facts” about red doors and it made me love it even more! 

Today my husband went to purchase our door and the paint that I chose “fabulous red” so that we could get a head start before our new handle/lock arrived. To our surprise this new lock that was suppose to take 3 weeks was waiting for us when my husband got home. 

So on this beautiful Friday, we have completed the first project on our home. I am so blessed to have such an eager and determined husband. I am very happy with my new door!


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