Welcome to our little patch of the forest!

Good afternoon! I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself to you and this blog, I am a homeschooling mom to 3 boys and married to the love of my life. We are celebrating 14 years of marriage next week and moving into our dream home at that time as well. We purchased a lovely home that sits by 10 acres of forest! 🙂 We love Jesus very much and are trying to make many changes in our lives that will truly honor God; some of those changes include becoming minimalists and as self sufficient as possible. I am looking forward to sharing our adventures with you as we homeschool in a new environment, learn to grow and make so much of our own food; learn to live our lives more simply and take on many home projects. I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog and would love to connect with you, in the sidebar you can find where to connect with me on social media and I’d love to read your comments on here as well. If you have any prayer requests please feel free to contact me as well, and if you would like to advertise or work together please contact me on Facebook via messenger.



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