Where does the time go? The past several months have been hectic and busy! A lot of changes in our lives, our oldest moved into his own place which was a huge adjustment for all, the boys have their own rooms again which has cut down on the rivalry a little (winning!) And we have acquired more chickens as well as some bunnies! The Christmas rush and cleanup is over and we are settling back into routine. We are starting this new year with some curriculum overhaul and we are super excited to dive into the new material. I will probably post some reviews in a few weeks. The boys have ski passes this winter so we spend one or two days a week at the mountain, they ski for literally hours and I enjoy the cozy lodge and some books and crafts.

My husband is so happy in his new job as are we because we finally get to enjoy much more quality time with him. This has been an adjustment as well because with better hours came a significant pay cut, but we are faithful and God is good! I am working hard to get my mom cave reorganized to create an ideal workspace so that I may devote more time to my etsy business and my usborne sales.

The most important thing going on in our lives right now is the time and effort we are devoting to God and our growth as Christians, we are spending more time in His word as individuals, a couple, and a family. My husband and I are diving into children’s ministry as well. And I will end this update here and say that if you have any prayer requests, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment and it will be my honor to include you in my daily prayers. I pray that this year will be one full of joy and blessings for all of you!



Busy, Busy!

The school year is in full swing, my second semester of grad school has been kicking my butt, and life has been hectic to say the least! We’ve had some great days mixed in there though with impromptu trips, finally opening and using our pool (in SEPTEMBER) and planning many fun things for the next several months! The boys have resumed their homeschool enrichment program, as well as karate and this month we are off to visit family as well as take a mini vacay in Plattsburgh!

Dear sweet readers, I could really use your prayers these days. Things have been a little bit crazy, but God has got this and God is good! How can I pray for you as well? Please shoot me a message or leave a comment!

I have some projects I am working on that I’ll be sharing with you soon but I just wanted to check in. I pray that your homeschool year (or otherwise if you don’t) is off to a great start, pray for our children. All of them. That they may have a successful academic year and be surrounded by good people!

Be blessed and thank you for stopping by!


Here we go!

The 2017-18 school year has officially begun and day one was a huge success! I am super excited about this school year and praying that we grow into a great and consistent routine. I feel truly blessed to be able to stay home with my sons and teach them. It’s such a blessing to watch them grow and learn, to be a part of that learning and be the one who decides what and how they learn!

I will refrain from making curriculum declarations because as most homeschoolers know, that can change! That is another of the beauties of this life, is if one thing is not working you can easily change that up or supplement where need be. Aside from the appropriate levels for core classes, we are starting off with learning about famous artists, taking a US Geography “virtual road trip”, and finishing up with astronomy before we move onto chemistry! I look forward to sharing many of our experiences with you, and would love to hear  from you other homeschool families out there about some of your favorites, experience, and your journey in general! Find me on social media (links to the right.)

Praying for a blessed homeschool year as well as a smooth semester for myself! I hope the start of the new school year goes as smoothly for the rest of you as well, whether you homeschool or not!

Be Blessed!


Oops, it’s August!

Life in July was absolutely overwhelming; some good, some bad but most definitely insanely busy! Our oldest moved back home, we had a birthday to celebrate, we had VBS and soccer camp, as well as so many appointments and tasks to tackle daily. I truly felt like I barely had time to breathe last month. But I survived, by the grace of God and thanks to my amazing support system.

It has been a pretty pleasing month for our little homestead in the making, we now have laying ducks, we have slaughtered some delicious birds and the garden is coming along nicely. We have also decided that next year we will be expanding our livestock with pigs and possibly sheep and goats! I am super excited!

We are now diving into another busy month and this first day had best not be an indicator of how it will be, I had to take a serious time out and have a talk with God because I know that only He can get me through the days that seem so heavy and worrisome; I am too blessed to be stressed and sometimes we all need to take a step back and look at it all from a different perspective.

Speaking of our amazing Father, if you follow me on facebook you have seen the updates I have been sharing about a young man named Bobby who was in a terrible car accident last month and is defeating all the odds against him by the power, love and grace of our great God! Thousands of brothers and sisters in Christ have been praying for this boy and he is truly a living miracle! Our God is so good!

I truly do intend to get better at this regular blogging thing, perhaps I need to schedule it in my happy planner 😉 but for now I’ll leave you with prayers for a blessed month as we dive into a new school year and then my favorite months of the year (I absolutely adore Sept-Dec!) Be blessed and be a blessing.



Thank you, June

It really has been a great month! We spent last week worshiping along with thousands of other Christians, and led by some amazing artists! The first day was literally dampened by  some major downpours but that stopped no one, most people stood through the storm to praise and honor our Father! The second day could not have been more perfect, we had a nice shady spot and it was much warmer. I was blessed with the opportunity to chat with Dave Pettigrew who is involved in a great ministry, and is such a beautiful soul with an amazing heart for God. I was also blessed to watch my 11-year-old grow in his faith, and both of our boys cannot wait to return again next year. We already have our tickets, wouldn’t miss it for the world! It truly was an amazing weekend of spiritual growth for all of us.

Another blessing from this month is our oldest choosing to return home to us, I am truly looking forward to rebuilding with him and seeing where God leads him. Most of my blog readers do not know about the turmoil we had been through with him and I will honestly keep it that way, but just be in prayer for this transition and his heart and future. We love him dearly and are so happy to have him home!

I also feel like we are on the cusp of my husband’s job transition, and we couldn’t be more excited because this will mean more family time! Lastly, we are officially done with 2nd and 5th grade and I could not be more proud of my sons who blew their achievement tests out of the water! They both scored way above their levels, this was certainly a confidence booster for those “I feel like I’m failing” mommy days as well as a confidence booster for my boys who do have their occasional struggles in some areas. It’s also a nice thank you for your opinion but we’re good to all the naysayers in our lives.

God is on the move in many mighty ways! ❤

Have a safe and blessed 4th of July weekend friends, we look forward to celebrating our soon to be 8 year old as well as spending time with our church family.